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St Paul Blvd Fire District

The St Paul Boulevard Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners are responsible for providing and maintaining the following through tax dollar support:

  • The Fire Station and Apparatus
  • The firefighting tools & equipment
  • Payroll / Benefits for the Career Firefighters, Officers and Civilian Employees.

There are five publicly elected fire commissioners, each serving a five year term. The terms are staggered so that one seat on the Board of Commissioners is up for election each year. All registered voters residing in the St Paul Blvd Fire District are eligible and encouraged to vote. St Paul Blvd Fire Commissionor elections are held at 433 Cooper Road from 6 PM to 9 PM.

December 13, 2022 is Fire Commissioner election night!

There are also three people who serve as support staff for the commissioners.

Commission Meetings are normally scheduled for the last Monday of every month at 5 PM. (see schedule below)

Commission Meetings are open to the public.



2022 Fire District Commissioners


Jim Shafer (509-3708) 2022 Chairman  

Dave Haas (943-4017)  2023 Chairman

Pat Cooke (766-8764) 2024 Chairman

Pete Skelton (943-8451) 2025 Chairman

Wade Weaver (489-9645) 2026 Chairman

2021 Commission Support Staff


Igor Zubrzycki, Business Manager


Ed Riley, District Administrator & Secretary


Al Sienkiewicz, Treasurer


(To e-mail an individual commissioner or support staff, click on their name.)



2022 Commission Meeting Schedule

(To view meeting minutes, click on the meeting date.)

December 27          2021                                                    Regular Meeting

January  5              Tuesday                     5:00pm             Organizational Meeting

January 31              Monday                     5:00pm             Regular Meeting

February 17            Wednesday               5:00pm             Workshop

February 28            Monday                      5:00pm             Regular Meeting

March 28                 Monday                     5:00pm              Regular Meeting

April 25                   Monday                     5:00pm               Regular Meeting

May 4                      Wednesday               5:00pm              Workshop

May 23                     Monday                    5:00pm               Regular Meeting

June 30                    Wednesday              5:00pm              Workshop

June 27                   Monday                     5:00pm               Regular Meeting

July 6                       Wednesday              5:00pm              Workshop

July 25                    Monday                     5:00pm               Regular Meeting

August 8                Monday                     5:00pm                Workshop

August 15                Monday                     5:00pm              Workshop

August 30               Monday                     5:00pm               Regular Meeting

September 14         Wednesday               5:00pm               Workshop

September 26         Monday                     5:00pm               Regular Meeting

October 18              Tuesday                    5:00pm               Budget Hearing

October 24              Monday                    5:00pm               Regular Meeting

November 28           Monday                    5:00pm               Regular Meeting

December 13            Tuesday                  6:00-9:00pm      District Elections

December 26            Monday                    5:00pm              Regular Meeting


All meetings are held at the St Paul Blvd Fire House #1 which is located at 433 Cooper Road.

These are open meetings and are open to public viewing.

All meetings start at 5 PM.