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Fire Safety Visits to Schools

Pre-School and Kindergarten: "Tools and Toys" This is the first exposure for some children with fire safety. We talk about the difference between toys that the children can play with and tools that the children shouldn't play with. The firefighter(s) also get in their fire gear to help ease some fear a child may have towards a firefighter in gear.

1st Grade: "Safety Trailer" this is the children's first exposure to the safety trailer and for some maybe there first exposure to fire safety from St Paul. We take the kids through the Trailer and teach them proper exiting methods for their homes in a fire emergency situation.  During the lesson a smoke machine and smoke alarms are used to create a realistic emergency.  After completion of the trailer portion of the lesson, the children are taught about meeting places at their homes as well as proper procedure for dialing 911.

2nd Grade: "Hazard House" In this lesson we use a small-scale house, that mimics a family style home, to show the various hazards that are in the homes today. After identifying the hazards within the home, the children are taught how to minimize these hazards.

3rd Grade: "Safety Trailer" In this lesson we once again take the children through the safety trailer. The message in this lesson remains the same as taught in the 1st grade classes. The children are also quizzed several times during this lesson as they have received this lesson before.

4th Grade:  "Fire Science" In this lesson we incorporate science and more advanced topics to the lessons for the children. We begin the lesson by teaching the children about the fire triangle and give demonstrations to show the fire triangle. We close the lesson with a short video presentation.

5th Grade:  "Safety Trailer" in this lesson we take the children through the trailer once again.  The children at this point should know how to properly escape during a fire emergency situation. They should also be able to identify their meeting places and know how to dial 911.  The children are also taught a brief cooking safety lesson in the trailer as some children begin to start cooking at this age.

6th Grade: "Fire Power Video" In this lesson we show the children a video that shows the progression of fire in a home. The video also shows the destruction fire can cause.

High School Trades Classes:  In this lesson each student enrolled in a trades class is taught how to use a fire extinguisher.  They are shown a video and taught the proper use of an extinguisher. After completion of the video the students are given a hands-on lesson on the use of extinguishers.  They are also given the opportunity to use a fire extinguisher on a training prop.