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Baby Sitting Tips

         Before leaving your home:

  • Inform your parents or guardians of where you will be, the phone number and the time you expect to return home

  • Know your employer

  • Be properly dressed for the job. This includes low-heeled shoes, washable clothing, and no sharp jewelry.

    Before the parents leave:

  • Arrive early

  • Make sure you have the following information:

  • Place where the parents will be

  • How to contact parents (cell phone number)

  • Emergency numbers (usually 911)

  • Neighbor (If the parents know them)

  • Address of employer with cross streets (in event you need to call 911)

  • Locations of first aid supplies

  • Tour of the house

  • Know how locks on doors work

  • Fire or burglary alarms

  • Name and ages of children

  • Bedtimes of children

  • Medical concerns of children

  • Smoke detectors working??

    While you are in charge:

    Follow proper babysitting ethics:

  • No personal phone calls

  • No guests or parties

  • Stay out of the refrigerator unless your told you may have something

  • Remain awake

  • Don’t use unfamiliar appliances

  • Check sleeping children every 20 – 30 minutes

  • Be polite and respectful

  • Never strike a child

  • Take a phone message

  • Be safety conscious at all times

  • Keep harmful objects away from small children

  • Keep children in sight at all times

  • Teach by example, if you do something unsafe they will try it also.

  • Keep radio and television volume low enough so you disturb the children and so you can hear them if they cry out