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Steve Albano (Active)    
Ginnie Allen (Exempt)
Jason Allen (Career)   
Bob Anderson (Career)
Rufus Anderson  
Bill Andrews (Exempt)
Cliff Andrews   
Bob Anselm    
Mike Antos (Life Active)
Phil Ashley (Exempt)
Glenn Atkins  
Andrew Attinasi   
Bob Baart   
Edward J Backus  
Jeff Backus (Retired Active)    
Jim Bafford, Jr (Retired Active)
George Baist  
Bill Balch (Exempt)
Chris Balok (Exempt)   
Dave Balok   
Bob Bamann (Retired Active)    
Bud Bamann    
John Bamann (Life Active)    
Paul Bamann (Life Active)
Dave Barber  
Dick Barrett (Retired Active)   
Dick Barto (Retired Active)
George Bauman  
Ken Beers (Exempt)
Ed Bell (Exempt)
Eric Bell (Active)    
Stew Bell (Active)    
Arthur Benett  
Gerald Benjamin (Exempt)
Ken Berner (Exempt)
Tim Bertola (Active)   
Harold Bircher  
Bill Blaesi  
Merlin Blakely    
Arnie Boehm  
Carl Bork  
Jack Bowes (Active)    
Aimee Braiman (Active)    
Bill Brice (Exempt)
Howard Buhlman  
John Bungo (Life Active)    
Mike Burke (Active)    
Mike Burns (Exempt)
Jeff Calderon (Exempt)
Ruthanne Campbell (Exempt)
Donald Canaway (Life Active)   
Vic Carey (Retired Active)
Vincent Carroll  
James Champaige  
Richard Chapman (Life Active)
Eric Christian (Career)   
Jim Christian   
Walter Clapper  
Kevin Clark (Exempt)
Arthur Clark Jr.  
Ken Clasgens  
Dan Cocozzelli (Exempt)
Willard Cole  
Bob Collins (Exempt)
Dave Connolly (Exempt)
Dan Cooke (Active)     
Pat Cooke (Active)    
Oliver Coutts  
Keith Covill (Active)    
Dave Cox (Life Active)
Harold Curchin   
Kathy d'Ambra (Exempt)
Mark d'Angelo (Life Active)
Joshua Dean (Active)    
Rene Debuck  
Joe Demart (Retired Active)   
Robert Devoldre  
Jay Dewitt (Career)    
Richard Deyoung  
Edward Dobmeier  
Bill Doran (Retired Active)   
Tim Downs  
Alfred Drake  
Charles Driscoll  
Bill Dyrland (Active)    
Ralph Eggert  
Len Ehlers    
Judy Emma (Widow)
Ray Emma   
Charles Ennis (Exempt)
Dennis Erbland (Retired Active)  
William Fedison  
Dave Fields    
Marty Finewood (Exempt)
Richard Finucane  
Joe Fleming (Exempt)
Mike Flowerday (Exempt)
Dick Frank   
Laura Fregosi (Life Active)   
Gary Gac (Life Active)   
Willard Galvin  
Stanley Gardner  
Jason Gartland (Career)    
Paul Gefell (Exempt)
Joe Georgia (Exempt)
Bruce Gibson (Exempt)
Bob Gillette  
Mike Gillette (Exempt)    
Robert Gores   
Paul Goverts Jr  
Paul Goverts Sr.  
Kenneth Gravlin  
H. Robert Grieb  
Donald Gross  
Mike Grosstephan (Active)   
William Gutschow (Active)   
Douglas Haak (Exempt)   
Dave Haas (Active)    
Brian Hahn (Career)    
Scott Harris (Active)    
Brud Harvey (Active)    
Chris Harvey (Active)    
Walt Harvey    
Carl Harvey Jr.  
Ken Heberger    
Tom Heberger (Exempt)
Don Heiden  
Natalie Heiden (Widow)
Jack Herrema (Life Active)
Walter Hess  
Paul Heuser  
Brad Heutmaker (Active)    
Jack Hickey  
Craig Hollenbeck (Active)     
Mary Hollenbeck (Active)    
John Holtz  
Timothy Howland (Life Active)    
Charles (Chuck) Howley (EX…)    
Dick Hutchinson   
John Illes (Life Active)
Zach Imm (Active)    
Bill Interlichia (Retired Active)
Ted Ives    
Freddy Johnson  
Steve Johnson (Exempt)
Dave Kasanov (Active)   
Ed Kaspar (Career)
John Kelly  
Jack Kelly Jr.  
Thomas Kennedy  
George Keppler  
Ed Kipp (Retired Active)   
George Kleehammer    
Jane Kleehammer (Widow)
Wendel Kleehammer    
Bob Kleinhammer (Retired Active)
Ted Klem   
Theodore Klem  
William Klem Sr.  
Ken Knapp  
Dutch Knowlton    
Karl Kodweis  
Roy Koester  
Bill Kraemer   
Herb Krause   
Yuriy Krekhovetsky (Active)
Rhodes Kreutter (Exempt)
Kevin Kruppenbacher (Exempt)
Michael Krzywda   
Paul Kuchman (Exempt)
Ken Kuhn , Jr (Retired Active)    
John Kuitems  
Ed Kuppinger (Exempt)
Randy Kuster (Exempt)    
Barry La Combe (Life Active)   
Richard Labonte (Exempt)
Richard Ladd  
Merle Laduque, Jr (Exempt)
Barry Lamendola (Career)
Brian Lamendola (Exempt)
Robert Lawrenz (Retired Active)   
Jonathan Lawton (Active)   
Karl Lemperle  
Elmer Leusch (Active)    
Homer Lewis (Life Active)
Dan Lieberman (Exempt)
Demian Lindner (Active)   
Bob Lindsay   
Mike Line (Active)    
Roland Liquory  
Marvin List  
Donald Macher (Exempt)
Dylan Mackaravitz (Career)   
Kevin Magin (Career)
Frank Magnera (Exempt)
Timothy Magnera (Exempt)
Jim Maley (Exempt)
Peter Marasco (Exempt)
Sue Mariconda (Exempt)
George Marks  
Alphonse Martens  
Andre Martens  
Howard Martens    
Julius Martens  
Ken Martens (Active)   
Leon Mason Jr.  
Mike Masterton (Life Active)
Nick Masterton (Exempt)   
Norm Mattle   
John Mayer (Retired Active)
Larry Mayhew  
Jack McDonald  
Joan McDonald (Widow)
Harold McFarlin  
Duffy McKenna (Honorary)   
Pat McKenna    
Adam McKiddin  
Tyler McMahon (Career)
James McMullen  
Joe T. Meisenzahl (Exempt)  
Gil Merzke   
Bob Metcalfe (Career)    
Chuck Miller  
Leo Milles  
Linda Missel (Exempt)
Stewart Morrow III  
Hermann Mueller   
Gary Muisus    
Jules Muisus   
Ross Muxworthy  
John Myers  
Raymond Myers  
Dave Nash    
Peter Nashburn (Active)   
William Naylon  
William Naylor  
Randy Nettnin (Social Active)
Harold Neun  
Ryan Nguyen (Active)     
Chester Nichols  
Kylee Nichols (Exempt)
Paul Noble  
Tom Noyes (Life Active)   
John O'Brien (Life Active)   
John O'Hanlon (Exempt)   
Wayne Ohl (Exempt)
Dennis O'Kane    
William Oldenburg  
Chubby Oldenburg Jr  
John Oldenburg Sr.  
Johnny Oldenburg, III (Retired Active)
Raymond O'Loughlin  
Bryan O'Neal (Career)   
Steve O'Neil (Active)    
William Ovenberg  
Edward Paradies  
Kenneth Parkhurst  
Scott Patasin (Retired Active)   
Steve Peck (Retired Active)    
Thomas Peck Sr.   
Chad Penner (Career)    
Jon Penner (Retired Active)   
Jon Paul Penner (Active)   
Tom Perkins (Exempt)
Ryan Perruccio (Exempt)
Harold Perry (Retired Active)
George Phillips  
Steve Piccirilli (Exempt)
Bill Pillen  
Clarence Pillen  
Roy Pillen  
Vic Pillen  
Cy Plasschaert (Life Active)
Richard Popowych (Life Active)   
Charles Porter  
Mike Posadni (Life Active)   
David Quick (Exempt)   
Harold Raab  
Chester Rambert  
Jule Rayburn (Retired AC…)     
Chester Rayton  
Michael Recino (Career)    
Fred Rehbach  
Jim Rehbach (Active)    
Jeffrey Reininger (Active)   
Franklin Repp  
Robert Revard  
Kevin Rhoney (Active)  
Bob Richards (Life Active)
Rob Richards II (Life Active)   
Marti Rigby (Life Active)    
Ed Riley (District Administrator)   
Rob Rinck (Career)   
Bobby Rinck, Jr (Exempt)
Kiegan Roberts (Explorer)
John Rodenhouse   
Walter Rodenhouse Sr.  
Buddy Rodenhouse, Jr (Active)
Casey Roderick (Exempt)   
Edward Roller Jr.  
Vernon Ruf  
Debbie Russell-Finewood (LIF…)    
Lou Saltrelli   
Joe Sargent (Life Active)
Donald Scantlin (Exempt)
Walt Schaefer   
George Schelter  
James Schippers  
Dick Schlafer  
Donald Schlueter  
Dodie Schmidt (Widow)
Gordie Schmidt  
Kevin Schoepfel (Exempt)
Robert Schoepfel Sr  
Jack Schopp (Active)
Mike Schwartz (Exempt)
James Scott (Life Active)   
John Semmler (Career)
Barb Senise (Widow)
Phil Senise   
Austin Serth  
Jim Shafer (Retired Active)     
Jim Shawhan (Retired Active)   
Vallance Shellman  
Todd Sherwood (Exempt)
Peter Skelton (Active)    
Edward Slater  
Walter Slater  
Bruce Smallridge  
Robert Smallridge Jr  
Allen Smith  
Tim Smith (Retired Active)    
Mike Smythe (Exempt)
Allen Snider  
Amir Softic (Exempt)    
Paul Spatola (Active)   
Gerard Spindler   
Terry Spry (Widow)
John Spry Jr.  
Ned Stamler (Life Active)   
Charles Staszewski (Exempt)
Bryan Stewart (Exempt)
Gerald Stoddard  
Greeley Strickland  
Myron Strickland  
Robert Summell  
Maura Sweeney (Exempt)   
Anne Marie Sweeney-Jones (Exempt)   
Nevin Tan (Active)    
Bob Thompson (Exempt)
Mike Travers (Exempt)
Chuck Turner    
Jim Turner (Retired Active)
Mike Valente (Active)
Joe Ventura (Active)   
Rocky Verstreate   
Margaret Vieira (Life Active)
Tom Vieira (Life Active)   
Gary Vragel (Exempt)
Richard Walker  
Leroy Wallace  
Richard (Doc) Warth (AC…)     
Tim Warth (Career)    
Wade Weaver (Active)    
Anthony Wegman  
Matt Weibel (Exempt)   
John Weichman (Exempt)
Jan Werner (Exempt)
Joseph Whipple Sr.   
Joseph Whipple, Jr (Exempt)
Sharonlee White (Active)
Bill White, Jr (Active)    
Bob Wiegand   
David Wiegand  
Walt Wilczewski (Active)   
Richard Wilhelm  
Paul Wischmeyer  
John Wise (Active)    
Bill Young   
William Young Sr.  
Chris Yount (Active)    
Harold Zimmer  
John Zuidema  
Cathy Zwick (Exempt)   

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