The St. Paul Blvd. Fire Association is the all Volunteer organization staffed by more than 60 Volunteers.  Your donation is very important to helping us with our mission.  SPBFD is a registered C3 Non-Profit and your donation is tax deductible. Donations to the St. Paul Blvd. Volunteer Firemen’s Association can be made a number of different ways. 


Donate On-Line Using PayPal or Credit Card:

You can donate on-line using the security of PayPal. To donate with a Credit Card or using your PayPal account, click on the Donate button below.




Donate In Person:

Dropping off donations in person can be performed by stopping by the St. Paul Blvd. Fire House.

St. Paul Blvd. Volunteer Firemen’s Association
433 Cooper Road
Rochster, New York 14617



Donate With A Check:

Checks can be made payable to, "St. Paul Blvd. Volunteer Firemen’s Association". The checks can be sent to the St. Paul Blvd. Fire House on Cooper Road. The address is:

St. Paul Blvd. Volunteer Firemen’s Association
433 Cooper Road
Rochster, New York 14617



It is with great pride and tradition that our Fire Association will be marking its 95th year of providing volunteer personnel to the St. Paul Boulevard Fire District.

St. Paul Boulevard Fire District residents have generally been gracious with their donations over the past years. Your tax-deductible donation goes directly to this all volunteer association. Our members train numerous hours to stay current with ever changing advances in firefighting, motor vehicle accident rescue and emergency treatment of the sick and injured. In addition, our activities include providing Fire Safety courses, CPR/First Aid Training and Car Seat Inspections to our public for free. We also sponsor a Firefighter Explorer Program for teenagers, hold an Annual Public Open House and much, much more.

We survive on your donations only. All donations, big and small, do help and we can’t thank you enough for your continued support. By making your tax-deductible donation you support your community and those that protect it.

Please return your donation card in the enclosed envelope or you can donate online by visiting our website at (navigate to the Donations link).


You may receive solicitations during the year from other organizations purporting to represent the fire service. This is NOT YOUR local fire department.  

This is the only appeal that the St. Paul Blvd. Fire Association, your department, will make.  

We do not solicit by phone.  

We do make personal follow-up visits in May and our members will be in uniform and will have proper identification.